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The safety of players and participants is of utmost importance. 
Soccer fields can be a dangerous place during severe weather. 
• You are in danger if you can see lightning. 
• You are in danger from lightning if you can hear thunder. 
• Lightning often travels sideways as far as 10 miles and can strike 
away from any rainfall even when skies are blue. 
In event of a storm, games and/or practices must be stopped and suspended 
until the danger has passed using the following minimum criteria: 
(1) The sighting of a lightning flash or the hearing of the sound of thunder 
shall be reason enough to immediately stop and suspend a game or a 
practice session; 
• Do not wait until it rains 
• Do not try to reach the end of a period or the end of a game. 
(2) Coaches shall take their players to a safe location upon suspension of a 
game and/or a practice session; 
(3) Following suspension of a game, the referees shall promptly leave the 
field to a safe location; 
(4) Play and/or practice shall not be resumed prior to 30-minutes after the 
last sighting of lightning or the last sound of thunder heard.